Hyundai Elevator

Hyundai Elevator is committed to providing superb transfer service in such fields as elevators, escalators and moving walks in order for safe, fast and convenient transfer experiences that meet the requirements of the evolving urban architecture.

Sicher Elevator Co., Ltd.

Sicher Elevator Co., Ltd. is a specialized, collectivized transnational operation enterprise through investment, merger and stock restructuring. Now Sicher Elevator become a leader of elevator and escalator suppliers in China.

AJ Parking Systems

J Automated Parking Systems is the largest & the 1st ranked auto parking system & solution provider in Korea. AJ APS People put the best value on developing & manufacturing smart & secure parking systems to ensure the most efficient, convenient level of automated parking systems & solution.

DongYang Parking Systems

DYAP Specializes in Automated Car Parking system. DYAP consists of veteran engineers who have over 20years experience in Car Parking System industrial.

Based on our know-how and experience, DAYP provides Clients with products which have More parking in less space, User friendly, Making valuable property, Reliable.

Özel Lift

Özel Lift is a group specialized in providing its customers with the safest movement-providing-machines like elevators, escalators and auto-parking systems. Özel Lift experience dates back to 1995 when we first started directly by following the steps of advanced and modern systems that were developed throughout the years.

Özel Lift are masters in industrial manufacturing with 25 years of experience and 10+ awards!